One Hundred Days of Making Comics….Not petrified at all nooooo…. … More thee100s

It’s November

I’ve been away. And I’ve forgotten me. I wish I had a Pooh to rustle my hair awake. With sticky, honey hands! Instead I have a Banami. Actually I got Banami from under trying circumstances. He’s got a scary face and sometimes he scares me. I suppose you could say his history is written all … More It’s November

More of Monday

Mondane. I’ve had this idea forever but I haven’t quite articulated it yet. I used to think foundationally. Do the important things first, lay the framework, get all the ideation on paper and then play. I suppose that’s a remnant of my past ambitions to be an architect? Building on Something. I don’t know. It’s … More More of Monday


Entranced.Entrancing I asked myself: If you could pick either being a good singer and being a good dancer, which would you choose? At the time I was stumped. I tend to not know the answer immediately to questions. It’s a bit absurd but that’s Aphantasia. Sometimes I dont know my own mind. If I’ve been … More Entrance

Dreams in Gouache Rubbing the Colours. Stirring the Sediment. Whatever skeleton-outline laid bones-deep and reclaimed by the Earth. Fill it with flesh. Paint a picture of Once Was. Know you won’t Bring to Life. Anything. -Neru Been dreaming in paint. Well, I have been painting blueberries. I haven’t been far enough away from the page … More Dreams in Gouache


A dry but juicy crisp. Cucumbers radishes and sliced apple/pears. I’m staring at an open faced sandwich on the cover of Better Homes sat right squarely on top of Time. Not for the first time I wondered how neat you can make a bite look. Not necessarily delicious. Another typo. Neat vs Best. Nb e … More Neat

Stranger Words

I remember at one point in my life I found the thoughts (in the form of opinion because I didn’t converse much) of others scary. Like why should you want me to think like you? The very notion was Violent as it was Strange. Suffice to say I didnt trust teachers for a good while. … More Stranger Words


It may seem silly but I’ve always felt that trees were flying with their feet, planted. How can you soar when you’re grounded? That’s what I think piano or violin must feel like. This all started with a waltz. It’s been a long while unmoored. How long can a man survive at sea? -Neru I … More Grounded