Organize and Connect

How and what can you organize and connect? ◆ Join a community and participate in its forums. ◆ Make lists, inspiration tags and maps. ◆ Create a club or engage in fanart. ◆ Create a series specifically for your target audience. Preferably something of value that imparts a skill or a feeling of exclusivity (eg. … More Organize and Connect

Permission -part 2

What could you promise that people would look forward to? ◆ Food Comics- my journey into learning how to draw them and eventually self publish! ◆ Foodie Fashion- fashion and food illustration is an exciting and irresistible combination! ◆Foodie Fanart- everyone is a fan of someone or something and it’s enjoyable to see that world … More Permission -part 2

Blue Cat Co.

When I read: “I’m no longer doing things the way I’ve always been told to do them.” I paused and thought to myself. Am I really pushing in the right direction? It’s hard to say when I don’t have any art to show for my many ideas. I’m hoping this Pitchtemer I can articulate my … More Blue Cat Co.