Apples Appease

They also like to tease Curvy, crunchy. Fragrant, munchy. Gushing with goodness, vitamins and vitality. Full of Nothing Can’t eat these. With a cold pang in my belly I badmouth this blameless fruit. It’s cuz I’m desperate, see. I’m hunger-y. Tummy’s tense. Itching immense. Spreading from head to toe. Oh woe! My diet is gonna … More Apples Appease

What Was

My teeth used to look like stars in my mouthAll definition of them has worn awayI had a headfull of braidsThick cords that could pull shipsGone are the daysWhen my hips didn’t existAnd zero meant 100. Now even a drop of water leaves me in irritationWhat’s there to sayCream,potion and lotion betrayFormulas made fast and … More What Was

Cracking Ice Cubes

(Not your teeth) Can’t be worse than crunching candy Is a maladaptive pastime but it’s so damn refreshing and satisfying who cares about eNAHmel? I like how they clink As they melt in my drink Cool on my nose Clouds of little bubbles Make them easier to break My mind from troubles Snaps me awake … More Cracking Ice Cubes

Cold Spaghetti

So my microwave has been doing this thing where it warms up only one side of the food. I’ve been having the disconcerting experience of a Warm mouthful followed by congealed Cold. (I like to eat around my plate, apparently anticlockwise, I’ll look into that.) And whilst I love a cold roast, the odd chicken … More Cold Spaghetti

Jammy Eggs

Stick your tongue into. No spoons! Now that’s sexy for a whole bunch o reasons but that’s not what this post is about. 🤪 Rather, I’ve discovered eating eggs with jam. Specifically apricot jam. Don’t know about you but apricots are just good to look at they don’t really say much to me, and I … More Jammy Eggs

Pursuits at 7%

Something always happens on the last dregs of battery life. Ambition>Discovery I race without haste, quite content to be cut off mid-way. Half asleep half the time. Because reading is most fun on the brink of a blink. Resolution so low the light’s yellow. Nothings real except the cramp in my arm and the sauna … More Pursuits at 7%

It Won’t Go Down

Most of my. Ideas are a lump in my. Stomach. I don’t know how they oozed from brain, into my sinuses down through all those pipelines and into my. Digestive pits. Indigestion! Once again I’m ruminating. I’ve forgotten all I’ve learnt. From midnight talks, heartfelt revelations, a book or two, and hand colored people saying … More It Won’t Go Down

All My Gains

Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker Thicker and slicker Why eat your Dessert when you can drink it? Quarantine Belly was one thing but 2021 was not what it seemed! I stopped binging on cookies and icecream and graduated to fermented milk, apples and wheat. Throw in some coconut, the perfect “fruit”. I didn’t … More All My Gains

No Icing

I’ve had a painful experience. I tried vegan cinnamon rolls, and I didn’t ice. … I’m Never doing that to myself again. What was I doing? For why was I chewing? Or swallow, only to wallow? And bemoan Forcing expectations unto reality. NEVER AGAIN. -Neru For what purpose does it serve to deny the drizzle? … More No Icing

Ode to Eggs

Water and Sun Cloudy Sky Happy High Bright Hello Morning Noon and Night -Neru Breakfast all day for me sounds like what Dessert at every meal would be. An unseemly indulgence. I’m told one shouldn’t consume more’n one a day. Nonsense! It just doesn’t add up, I mean what about a scramble or a quiche? … More Ode to Eggs