I wonder why, when some things are at the point of ripeness, that sometimes they look dried. And lifeless. Sugary canes. Plum peas. Fruits too high on the tree. And if you say you’ve never eaten eaten on the point of dying you’d be lying. Because that’s when they tasbte best. Yes! Nevermind fresh. Now … More Peak-y

Drowning Maggots

Forgotten ricegrains. I don’t know how I got such viceral imagery from soaking off the stuck-on pot-bottom of my “non stick” frypan. But here we are. Seriously though can you Drown a maggot? They seem to drowning in their sister’s bodies already wriggling thier way to freedom. Then turning back. Away from the light. Hold … More Drowning Maggots

The Verge of Hunger

Desperation, gnawing A grumble, exhalation Common sense vacation Wishes by the window Churning mess Spasming empitness Vertigo-ed. Urge On the Verge Of what I do not know. -Neru Yes well, watching cookie decorating can do things to a human. Unleash the Cookie Monster within! Talking about transformations. The cute turning monstrous: How Gizmo Became Furby … More The Verge of Hunger

Glass of Water

The weight of water doesn’t change but the longer it’s held the heavier it feels. Hurt to the point of paralysis. Or Petrified. Hanging on for dear life. My cellphone’s weathered me through the worst of the Pandemic but my hands are cramped and seizing up. And I think I just gotta let it go. … More Glass of Water

Demoliton Site

Carve with fork Scoop with spoon Pinch and sculpt Push and form -Like a palette knife. Hmm. I’m thinking of icing and mashed potato mounds. Smooshed unto meat and smeared unto speared veggies. Blobs dropping or dripping when you’re not careful. Finishing. The last bit of cake that’s become too sweet. We lick the fock, … More Demoliton Site

Rotting From Lonliness

Wrinkly fruit. Gone-to-waste. Leftovers. Disposed in haste Shame or an unraveled state. Unravelling, repairs to make Consciences, expectations to placate. All plans no purpose. -Neru Life is like a beautifully drawn up menu. Left with wrinkly ingredients gone worthless. Time waits for no-one. Especially you. I don’t know what’s worse wrinkly vegetables in the back … More Rotting From Lonliness