Rotting From Lonliness

Wrinkly fruit. Gone-to-waste. Leftovers. Disposed in haste Shame or an unraveled state. Unravelling, repairs to make Consciences, expectations to placate. All plans no purpose. -Neru Life is like a beautifully drawn up menu. Left with wrinkly ingredients gone worthless. Time waits for no-one. Especially you. I don’t know what’s worse wrinkly vegetables in the back … More Rotting From Lonliness

Slowly Drying

[Imagery:Jeweled or unadorned slices of midheaven. Artfully arranged.] I wondered what my mangaka handle would be and I came up with either lechedecoco or shrivelled turnip. I kid you not. I kept a cute baby turnip on my desk and watched it wrinkle. No color left just brown fissures and spots of fuzz that make … More Slowly Drying

Death in Fairytales

Drowned mouse in Anne of Green Gables. Apple tree surrounded by the poisoned fence Poison mushrooms! Rip Van Winkle, wine of sleep Death as Sleep Tinctures and Taints The Wizard of Oz And other rabbit holes Subconciousness is a place Coffee and the Odyssey Lassitude and Lingering Weighed down by weightlessness Child-like compliance -Neru Fairytales … More Death in Fairytales


Violent inhalation Forced upon Stale air, stalled lungs A slothful strike Punch in the middle Again Proof of life Keep. Alive Unwilling tears Slip silently Plans Frustrated Don’t want to stay awake. Yet Battling sleep Hunger weak Biting in Sleep. These jaws, like maws, grasping at air but wanting pie. OMG I forgot pi day! … More Yawn

One Splat Too Much

Sounded cuter as splap (splash and plop) -That unquantifiable eruption from the ketchup/sauce bottle.- Or a sneeze, grossly miscalculated. Waterlogged articles falling gracelessly. Should really hang that. Wring it well. Why am- Something’s spilling. Filling. Cracks I cleaned out of Eating Words. -Neru A bit too much ruins the taste. Practice hasn’t stayed the haste- … More One Splat Too Much

Shopboy: Pie Iron Pie

Hot face, slight grimace Squinty eye, keen nose Turn Cooking breakfast in the fireplace. Shift the coals. (Partner)Right hand running the tabs. Lazy cigarette adding more smoke than (and) ash. Scrawny red, sooty apron Tied tight- stay on. Crow heads, washing up Filling-ed toast washed down with black-black water Sugar isn’t for the likes of … More Shopboy: Pie Iron Pie