One Hundred Days of Making Comics….Not petrified at all nooooo…. … More thee100s

It’s December.

I know! I might as well rush and write something before the day passes. Epic Eyeroll. In fact I’m experiencing a fit of inspiration. (YAY!) Though I’m feeling drained mostly. I’m wondering how people DO living, you know? Sacrificing sleep, hustling hangrily, and still remain respectable. Well, I say! There’s been so many suicides of … More It’s December.

Gaping White

Drag and burn. Pluck and Flick. Dig and Twist. Bleed a Little. Angle and Repeat. Tap and Scrape. Tongue and Toss. All that to say I hate to Floss. -Neru

Tamaki Park Ride

Evil themepark stealing lives. Apartment that houses the souls of trapped kids who are now grown up and trying to find their way back to the real world. (This apartment is a cabin lodge just outside of an actual themepark!) It could be my reaction to Dungeons and Dragons the animation. My father refused to … More Tamaki Park Ride


I do a lot of forgetting but I don’t think I’m very good at it. I never seem to forget things like memories I want to forget. Mind over matter is such a load of tripe. My thoughtlines are lost. Figuring I may be able to recover something. Alas this horse has kicked me to … More Backburnt

Brittle Blush

Tenuous hold. Friendship. Firm pull. Hesitation. Apart. Seeking familiar. Aftertaste. Acid insides. Thin cracking skin. Bitter rush. Burst through. Slight resistance. Pips crushed. Sticky fingertips bled and dried. Burning eyes carelessly brushed. I needed to cry anyway. -Neru Ode to the Grapefruit, Ex-Friends, and the echoes of Consequence.

It’s November

I’ve been away. And I’ve forgotten me. I wish I had a Pooh to rustle my hair awake. With sticky, honey hands! Instead I have a Banami. Actually I got Banami from under trying circumstances. He’s got a scary face and sometimes he scares me. I suppose you could say his history is written all … More It’s November