Down the throat,  sides-of glass, and many many spoons. I’ve never had treacle but I’m guessing it’s a slow slide and never a run. A kind of honey and molasses combination that’s only fun in theory. (Dastardly and Delicious things were said.) Only to find out that I’ve had treacle,  and they way they said … More Trickle


Insistent yet gentle. Crush and smoothe. Glide and pull. Wiggle and smush. Layer under layers. Tension pushed clear through. The other side. -Neru Eyesocket massage. You need one. It’s occurred to me that I don’t like mixing or kneading. You need to press through the ingredients until you meet a surface. Whether that’s the sides … More Press

Catching Vomit

If you’ve never thrown up in your hands. I suspect it’s like coughing up blood. Or catching tears. -Calcified Hearts. Warm life Leaving. Damaged inside. Heart grieving. -What words will never be enough for. -Neru Almost died of Food Poisoning. I wonder how long I’ll have the lingering nausea and random lumps in my throat. … More Catching Vomit

Covetted Chew

Sounds a lot like Covet You. Which isn’t very far from the truth. I’m thinking of an obsession that goes nowhere. Food Voyeur. Voyager. On a ship that departs for ports unknown. -Neru I’m thinking of chocolate boxes, hidden and hoarded. Gold-foiled exotics. Spirits, spices-a scintillating sorbiquet. Not understood of course. What’s a bourbon or … More Covetted Chew

Fingers and Totos

Artist without a hand fetish. There’s something fundamentally wrong with that. 🤔 I can’t think of a hand as a Thing much less a person. Whether we’re subordinated by our nature or Force. of Nature. Tossed about. Throw away. Taking. Giving? Everything but the skin you’re in. I guess that’s the way fear becomes pleasure … More Fingers and Totos

Unpleasant Feelings

Suds and Dirty Plates. Half eaten meals, fully formed garbage. Sink to the drain. Floating peacefully on my bed. These memories. Rise up into my heart. Absorb, release Same dirty water. -Neru I remember staring at a Styrofoam plate in a garbage bin. It had icing on it. Like a perfect slice of icing, as … More Unpleasant Feelings