Baby Arugula

Sounds like a good code word. ^_~ Been thinking of conmen since Legend of the Blue Sea>The Great Pretender >Catwoman>The Pretender>McGuyver>Spy>the greatest conmen. In all this you know there’s Cowboy Bebop. The opening of GP was enjoyable Stealing, theives and why is Ouen turning into one. I thought to say 9/9 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. … More Baby Arugula

Poor Man’s Green

Or “How I survived the Quarantine.” Cabbage. And poison potatoes. Well obviously they weren’t really poisoned just sprouting, or slightly cast in green. There’s no way I wasn’t going to eat them. A man can’t live on pasta alone! Frozen greens were back. In the supermarkets! I’ve never been so appreciative. I lie! Liziqi gave … More Poor Man’s Green

Suddenly Raining

Snowin, actually. But Metaphors. Mousuguame, rain and keeping company. My sister and I suck at plans. The plan was to study together and make stories together…. Marathon movies and make a changes together. Tra. La. La. My sister has rightly said that I have no motivation nor the want to motivate others. I’m absolute garbage … More Suddenly Raining


I clearly don’t have any zest for life cuz I’m four eggs into an early grave. I think I’m allergic to eggs and dairy. Though this selfdiagnosis (years of denial really) has given me some level of control. I mean I’m making myself sick by not eating healthily. I can always go on an elimination … More Yolk-Yellow


I don’t like my food blonde, I prefer a bit of caramel-ization. You know the darker the delicious. Bien Cuit If the French have a word for it… That’s different from char. Blackened crust, thin line between ash and astonishing. Don’t ask me how I wrote that. I like all shades of food 😉 Alas, … More Bland


I know!  How does this slimy disgusting clearly questionable substance become whipped into tastebud wonderland!? It’s all about the texture IMO. I can’t stand the sound of whisking eggs but take an eggbeater to whites, cream and sugar… *Oh hear the Food angels singing.* I do say one of the most satisfying things is watching … More Egg-White

Rumble Grumble

Would you rather Air Pie and Nothin’ Puddin’ Or Trial and Error? Memory of None: Fantasitcal food dream slowly drains of colour. Rumble-ing Grumble-ing. Sounding a warning. Greedy donkey eating apples. That disappear like puffs of cloud. Stuffing stuffing and getting nothing. Hunger and Eating in Sleep -Neru I don’t like when people control food. … More Rumble Grumble

Catching Cockroaches

Tis the season? Picked a particularly fat and juicy one.  ‘Twas practically calling out to be pressed to death. Cockroaches getting stuck on forks,  pretending to be black pepper. Baby cockroaches eating ginger peels and avoiding cereal, cookies and spilled milk. Why do we insist on eating garbage while these pests are living their best … More Catching Cockroaches

Crushed Potato

Couch Potato -If you’ve never seen a liquifying potato… It’s a sour stench, akin to a bloated frog, more fruit than flesh. This’ll happen eventually and seems hastened by neglect. Left unwashed, untouched, uncared for. Withering away under a crusty facade until something…gives. It’s showing me the middle finger. I know it. -Neru If you … More Crushed Potato


Down the throat,  sides-of glass, and many many spoons. I’ve never had treacle but I’m guessing it’s a slow slide and never a run. A kind of honey and molasses combination that’s only fun in theory. (Dastardly and Delicious things were said.) Only to find out that I’ve had treacle,  and they way they said … More Trickle