Plump Greens

I was thinking of an adorable Gorgeous George hovering over everything wanting to be of help. Obviously Glenn. Can’t be anyone else. He’s stupidly fit, probably an athlete or has a physically demanding job. Maybe a sculptor or woodworker or gardener?! Nice. Somehow this guy imposes himself on Gwen’s harem. I’d love to find out … More Plump Greens

I See Your Face

Unforgettable thing. I’m not a write when I’m depressed sort of person. Angry-resigned inspired-tired! disappointed maybe. But actually bonedeep sad? I can’t reach down there in the depths of despair. I’d be curled up somewhere watching anime or reading manga. I’d make myself notthink. When Miura Haruma died, I said a flat “No.” wandering back … More I See Your Face

Lucky Ricegrain

Fluffy, sticky. Filling, spilling. Steaming hot, lukewarm cold. Runny, a bit hard or slightly burnt. I like rice. I like the sound it makes while washing it. I hate how far it skitters when I’m not careful. I like the look of it, the fragrance and I find that almost anything can keep it ccompany. … More Lucky Ricegrain

Rotting Mango

Rancid taste Is all I smell. Tempted just the same. Jewel-dew, bite through. Fast enough and maybe… Trails waft, fall Cling to chin. Hang in air. Can’t rub or wash away. The stink. I think, will be there for days. -Neru Eating can be a devastation. All over hands and face like proof of a … More Rotting Mango

Sleepy but Not

Really. That word’s been wrapped around my ankles and crawling across my back, weighing down my shoulders like I’m some sort of Atlas. Cute pink goddesses and blue gentlemen aren’t going to change grey to Swathes of Pink and Blue in this Underworld. No tune or webtoon to unfurl. The clutching bullheadedness fighting sleep. -Neru … More Sleepy but Not