Shopboy: Pie Iron Pie

Hot face, slight grimace Squinty eye, keen nose Turn Cooking breakfast in the fireplace. Shift the coals. (Partner)Right hand running the tabs. Lazy cigarette adding more smoke than (and) ash. Scrawny red, sooty apron Tied tight- stay on. Crow heads, washing up Filling-ed toast washed down with black-black water Sugar isn’t for the likes of … More Shopboy: Pie Iron Pie

Precipice Principle

Always on the edge of something. Undertone,  Overhonesty. Yellow,  toxic,  venomous. Skyblue-Yellow-Black2020-2021-Early Gothic themes. This tweet reminded me that I need the creative space but I don’t have to be seen/published. For Myself That’s precisely why people have an NSFW account. For me explicit but not illicit art. I have Souma to blame for this. … More Precipice Principle

Bound, Bound!

The thing that was always there. I dont know the mechanics of dancing or fighting with hands tied but that’s an aesthetic of mine. When I was little I saw the Chinese water sleeve dance for the first time. I thought how pretty if the sleeves were tangled or if there was only one sleeve. … More Bound, Bound!

The Tuxedo Mask

I had a convo with my sister about the cringe inducing name. Well. Not really, I just hesitate to say tuxedo mask. It really was an univentive name. Let’s be honest. But how simple and elegant . Tuxedo. Mask. I’m not gonna 50shades cuz I haven’t (don’t try to convince me) Back to the story … More The Tuxedo Mask

Baby Arugula

Sounds like a good code word. ^_~ Been thinking of conmen since Legend of the Blue Sea>The Great Pretender >Catwoman>The Pretender>McGuyver>Spy>the greatest conmen. In all this you know there’s Cowboy Bebop. The opening of GP was enjoyable Stealing, theives and why is Ouen turning into one. I thought to say 9/9 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. … More Baby Arugula

Poor Man’s Green

Or “How I survived the Quarantine.” Cabbage. And poison potatoes. Well obviously they weren’t really poisoned just sprouting, or slightly cast in green. There’s no way I wasn’t going to eat them. A man can’t live on pasta alone! Frozen greens were back. In the supermarkets! I’ve never been so appreciative. I lie! Liziqi gave … More Poor Man’s Green

Suddenly Raining

Snowin, actually. But Metaphors. Mousuguame, rain and keeping company. My sister and I suck at plans. The plan was to study together and make stories together…. Marathon movies and make a changes together. Tra. La. La. My sister has rightly said that I have no motivation nor the want to motivate others. I’m absolute garbage … More Suddenly Raining


I clearly don’t have any zest for life cuz I’m four eggs into an early grave. I think I’m allergic to eggs and dairy. Though this selfdiagnosis (years of denial really) has given me some level of control. I mean I’m making myself sick by not eating healthily. I can always go on an elimination … More Yolk-Yellow