Covetted Chew

Sounds a lot like Covet You. Which isn’t very far from the truth. I’m thinking of an obsession that goes nowhere. Food Voyeur. Voyager. On a ship that departs for ports unknown. -Neru I’m thinking of chocolate boxes, hidden and hoarded. Gold-foiled exotics. Spirits, spices-a scintillating sorbiquet. Not understood of course. What’s a bourbon or … More Covetted Chew

Fingers and Totos

Artist without a hand fetish. There’s something fundamentally wrong with that. 🤔 I can’t think of a hand as a Thing much less a person. Whether we’re subordinated by our nature or Force. of Nature. Tossed about. Throw away. Taking. Giving? Everything but the skin you’re in. I guess that’s the way fear becomes pleasure … More Fingers and Totos

Unpleasant Feelings

Suds and Dirty Plates. Half eaten meals, fully formed garbage. Sink to the drain. Floating peacefully on my bed. These memories. Rise up into my heart. Absorb, release Same dirty water. -Neru I remember staring at a Styrofoam plate in a garbage bin. It had icing on it. Like a perfect slice of icing, as … More Unpleasant Feelings


Sticky-stale gunky gooey. Fake leather, flaking Something aching: Pride Tactile: wooly Wriggling hide Burrowing away from the sun. Pillow and Bun. Closed eyes, open chewing. Good Morning. -Neru I always wanted to be able to sleepeat. Raiding pantries at night in a sleepwalk seemed terribly exciting. Night Feasts in Fiction and the Edwardian Breakfast ★ … More Eyebags

Swallow Me

Seriously. Ground open up and swallow me. I can’t stand the embarrassment. Like save me. Nevermind me crawling up and out of there. The immediate pain I cannot take. -Neru Sawn and quartered> breaking food into little pieces, usually an aesthetically pleasing number and good bite ratio: like three or four. Something socially acceptable not … More Swallow Me


There’s something about that word. That means to me utterly destroyed. Laid to waste and ruin. Stabbed through. When I first met Blue he was walking across a field of deconstructed pie. His right instep curved and crushed down into a blueberry, his hands tied in knots around a bouquet of lavender and thyme.It was … More Decimate-d

Undertone, Overhonesty

Honestly pretty sick of this. Bloody driven through, trembling feet. Good and Done. -Neru Preferences, Tolerances, and the level of Doneness. Overhonesty vs Over honesty. What’s good for you may be bland and boring. Nevermind if it’s healthy! Oh yeah, I wasn’t even thinking about food, but then tangents! I thought “write this hashtag before … More Undertone, Overhonesty