thee100s – Log 2

Facets and Fables

I used to read encyclopaedia growing up. The scientific description of gemstones and their energies, symbolism as well as the illustrations in fantastical stories (like Enid Bylton’s) pretty much made me into a magpie. I love jewelry. Even though I don’t wear much my characters will and do.


Willow is the Ruby while Jo is the Pearl.

I think it intriguing how in Willow’s design and from what I know of her fighting style she uses heavy crushing attacks but has many sharp angles in her accessories. She also has (unnatural) pink hair.

Compare and Contrast

The visceral nature of the pearl reflected in stabbing/cutting and fluid weaving motions of Jo juxtaposed by the round, refined almost sterile aesthetic of the pearl. Jo is an important figure but isn’t treated preciously at all.

I await with much antipation how the other facets of the mind will come to light.



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