thee100s- log100

I seriously tried not to give any thought to what today’s post would be. I’m ever grateful and fortunate for it to have occurred on my day off.  Hallelujah!

I was able to just Be.

I haven’t been for a long time. I patiently went shopping, washed my hair (quite a stupendous feat I tell you, at least Willow’s hair can wash itself!) took a nap (for 30 minutes not 3 hours!) and tidied my room a bit…

Ordinary mundane stuff.

The more I think about it, the more I can see Willow’s Selfishness and Vanity. It reminds me how Irreproachable I thought Anne Shirley was until I saw the continuation of her story. Who didn’t want to throttle her more than a couple times?!

As they say. Hindsight. Love is Blind.

Today was an exercise in Mindfulness or Patience with Oneself.

My artbrain remembered the stellar interview with Claire Keane. And this superb Artcast about Fear and Finding Your Calling.

It feels like a smile, being able to say how your character would hold their fork or sit on a sofa. It is an amazing rediscovery of oneself.

All the golden strings.

A couple of years ago I was ready to give up Willow and Sister Anger for adoption. I dug up my sketchbook, I copied the drawings and downloaded genius scan because darn it they deserved a home!

November 2018, Paul Nicholson provided a spark for the dried up Will and Determination.

I regained the self confidence as a Creator. Who else but me could be bring out their true Potential?

December 2018 Mike Emeritz encourages me to try thee100s. I had no ideas, no project to push forward. It was a surprise, even to me, as I wrote “the story of Willow and Jo and the Dreamer.”

[Fell Asleep.]

To be Continued.


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