#AmWriting #thee100s Log 9, Round 3

I read the funniest piece by Elan. It reminded me of a dream. Or maybe it read like a Dream.

I’m a Reader. Not a writer.

Surely there’s a significant difference, skill notwithstanding.

You’d think kinda doing both things I could fathom what it is.

Yup Aphantasia. I got nothing. 

-Getting some crossfibre action on the old elbow- And don’t read that much anymore anyway.

I’m a ReReader. And I draw. Occassionally.

I’m thinking how in order to combat a problem, you can’t tackle the pain directly, but everything that surrounds and unbeknownst to you feeds into the pain. The origin may be not be where you think it lies.

It goes deeper, guarded tight and numb. You don’t even know it’s there.

Yeah. This is what I learnt from self care. 

In the Dreamer, Willow is older than Gree/Eros. I didn’t think of it before but Sunder is much older than Gree, even though physically they look younger. Of course their appearance shouldn’t have anything to do with their age at all. Agape and Hope are in the form of young girls, and they’re older than them all. Conscience was always there, and they aren’t technically human. Thought/Jo/I should be at least third in line. Even though there is inherently a Will to Live, even before we know ourselves through Thought. I don’t think we truly have a Will even when we think we/begin to know ourselves.

I’ll let that sit in the brain. I know it’s important.




Notes on Sunder

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By A Thread


Yes, Sunder is both Singular and Plural. I don’t remember his given name. He manifested during the last half of First Run. The second Run was entirely his iteration as Bright Cloud in Werewolf vs Unicorn (not the anthology). To be honest I don’t think I’ll be writing more of him, but he serves as a foil for the other Villains and understanding thier Villainy for example Shadow Wolf. Still haven’t designed that guy.

If my sentiment is that this next 100days is to explore the antagonists of “the story”, then there can be no darkness without light of Hope and Clarity/Jo.

I’m sure designwise they must work off each other. Though I don’t know who is the direct antagonist to Jo yet.

Deep pondering. I’m assuming. Because I can’t feel myself think.

Yeah. That’s significant actually.

I’ll let that sit in the brain. I know it’s important.

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