#AmWriting #thee100s Log 13, Round 3


I said in frustration “I have to write something!” and my mind answered: “Sandwiches”.

Granted I’m a bit peckish and I was just reading some food related comic strips (My Giant Nerd Boyfriend kyaaa! heart eyes!) …this is not about food.

…but triangles?

Not necessarily love triangles. They say two is better than one but I find most friendships occur in threes. Not saying there isn’t a “love triangle” ohoho!

State the obvious.

For a minute there Gree and Sunder were fast friends. Grief and Eros (who is evil Gree) are close friends. There should be a transitioning period where the old friendship tries to weather an evolution…


Sunder for now is a foil for Clarity. The mind can accept the unacceptable-which Sunder represents. In Round 1 Log 78 there was a line I wrote “How to bind a broken mind?”

I can see the cliff hanging where I stopped writing. I don’t like reading it.

Did I mention the grapple and the struggle I’ve had these past few months. How I’m wrenching and wringing this-what is this- from the clutches of Aphantasia.

Because the dreams died.

Dreams die.

I know they did/do. I let them.

What do you do when dreams die. You just borrow someone else’s.

It isn’t so bad. I survived.

Shreya caught the infinite scream of The Sentiment. It is all here.Read it.

I don’t believe in coincidences. Never have. I say a lot, “how Serendipitous.” But my heart won’t feel Serenity as we look across the space-

Me too.

I couldn’t say it. How to bind a broken mind? I scoff at myself. I’ve always wished I could skip over into another person, I and I could talk together and we’d overlook the stupid nonsense.

Until I discovered reasons to hide. And people to hide from. And other things that are neither real or alive-

Well. I killed that part too. Or rather it Died.

What Dreams May Come. And Go.

I’m laughing. Well my brain is. Disbelief is usually something else. I paused a long time writing this. I didn’t want to go down that path. I didn’t want to think of/feel…

And this kind of Lifted that from me.

Also I randomly remembered Eminem’s Without You just before.


The cumulstive effect has me shook guys. I’m done for today.

I said it was said.


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