#AmWriting #thee100s Log 15, Round 3

Sometimes it serves to address things thematically rather than chronologically. Alas, my mind will always choose chronological because one thing thematically must lead to another.

In Ascending or Descending Order.

To be honest I don’t own Willow.

I mean I created her. The Story of Willow, Jo and the Dreamer is semi-autobiographical. 

I mean. I made it. She’s part of Me.

But I don’t think I Own her.

They say “accept your truth and your stories  become because “you have something to say”. I don’t think you understand that Willow is also her own person.

I don’t want to think of Me-Willow I want to know Willow-Willow! You know?

That Willow is do far back in the past though I can’t recapture the frame of mind I was in when she was roaming free. It would help if I could remember a book. There must’ve been…

Lately I only think of Fallen Will. Not the bright young awesome can do anything Will.

I’ve said before half of us coming to know ourselves is succumbing to the Will of Other.

Within Confines there is Liberation.

Of course, it’s a matter of perspective.

Don’t Forget the Beginning.

Fall to Power





I used to read a lot of Adventure and Mystery novels and a stint of Romance-Historical was best. For that you need Compasses and Cartography and Candy.

Eye candy O_O

Of course, that all depends on the genre 😉

Style notes Kids WB DC- Batman.

Claire Keane- Paper Wings #33 -serendipitously! 35:00

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