Hot Pepper, Sweet Onion


It even sounds Cute and Carnivorous


Shark teeth, covered by layers of shy

Tart stare.

Savory slick

Salivation, mix

Juicy hide

Tender muscle

Marrow inside

Acid and fat. Wrapped in green.


Suddenly Full circle.

Sharp reminder, clean crunch

Shiver and hunch

Excitement of an unremembered hunt

Triumphant eater: Not-eaten


Meat of the Matter.

Tartare became Tart Stare vs Tart’s Stare. Stay with me:

Raw>Unadulterated>Open but Coy stare><Tart- sharp undeniable taste, open pastry. Tart- to dress up in an eye-catching or provacative way, a cutting word for any who approach- tart rejoiner.

Adolescents can be quite acrimonious.

Nigella, the mother who birthed my Food Boys who in turn thrived despite the lack of attractive male food hosts in eating shows across the world.

I thought the York Peppermint guy would change things, but nope!

Oki is just one of them. Inspired by the Mukbanger Eat with Boki. The only one I watch. Seriously you will fall in love! *heart eyes*

I’m hard-pressed to find great food manga without fanservice. And I find myself on a slipperly slope considering male fanservice. But if I got to *airglasses* I will make it myself!

Word is Voracious.

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