Boozy and Bittersweet

But mostly Bitter.

In a word this guy is Luxurious.

Coquette Collarbone.

To be honest while Oki is sweet and innocent, Ouen is a cad. ๐Ÿ˜† I said before, he has he power to make people give him their wallets.

I don’t think they’d get along.

It’s silly and over the top but I think of him as like a Jessica Rabbit/Mrs Piggy -esque figure. There’s always candy, flowers etc being presented to him or littering his feet in a classy understated or should I say matter-of-fact way?

I recall how Brad Pitt was always suavely nibbling on something in Ocean’s Eleven.


Considering the elements of his name is Ouen a celebrity or is he just (in) famous?

Word is Savor(er).


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