Fluffy, Fruity. Heavy, Bready.

Blue viens, slightly raised. Undereyes

Breath heady. Still Heavy with dreams.

Barely slipping awake.

Call of morning vapors.

Sweetly savoring, deserting all notion of what breaks fast and how days begin to go.


Blue likes bread, breakfast food and desserts.

Heady vs Heavy

Sometimes you’ve got to make the choice between chewing and breathing.

Meshing exhilleration and desperation. Covetting content.

It’s a curious thing, realizing you’ve fallen alseep mid-chew but still determined to finish. The meal and the dream!

It’s no wonder they say “inhale your food”.

Texture – Chewy

Word is Gorge(r). Bluberry particularly likes to stuff his cheeks.

Psychology of Eating-The Psychobiology of Chewing

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