Lucky Ricegrain

Fluffy, sticky.

Filling, spilling.

Steaming hot, lukewarm cold.

Runny, a bit hard or slightly burnt.

I like rice.

I like the sound it makes while washing it. I hate how far it skitters when I’m not careful. I like the look of it, the fragrance and I find that almost anything can keep it ccompany.

So it’s no wonder my favourite mukbangs are rice. So I’m guessing Gwen/(O)Kazu likes rice.

Okazu- お菜

1. side dish; okazu; side dish (meat, fish, pickles, etc.) accompanying the rice in a typical Japanese meal.

Style and Character Note: Usually written with kana alone.

Food boys. And (not doing )fanservice. *mental conflict* mukbang usually limit view to the upper body. I could try to really push the angles and planes.

Like following the planes of Ouen’s (strawberry crepe guy) elbow, forearm as his fingers curl a lock of hair behind his ear. The view is of someone walking around him and past. Like a waiter. Could be Gwen.

Remembering I saw this all in a dream.


There’s always a scene where there’s a stray, crumb or morsel just waiting for an errant finger to brush away.

Smirking mouth, shivering eyes.

Jealous, me? Lucky ricegrain.

Ah! If life were an anime! 😍

Paper Planes

Greed is a kind of Appreciation.

Word is Binge(r).

β˜…Neru on ko-fi ! β˜…

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