Plump Greens

I was thinking of an adorable Gorgeous George hovering over everything wanting to be of help.

Obviously Glenn. Can’t be anyone else.

He’s stupidly fit, probably an athlete or has a physically demanding job. Maybe a sculptor or woodworker or gardener?! Nice.

Somehow this guy imposes himself on Gwen’s harem. I’d love to find out how! The story is called Blueberry Gaiden, Gaiden looks pretty close to garden. Perhaps that’s what it is: a side story or chapter zero before I figure out the main story? Is Blue even the main character?!

Yup. I’m making stuff up and waiting for the rest to fall in place. ^_^

Word is Graze(er)

I really can’t see him as anything other than vegan.


Plump vs Fresh

Fresh greens are usually plump anyway. I like the plink in the word, very onamatopoeic.

I can taste the sap. Chlorophyll literally overtook hemoglobin in his veins.

I suppose if a tree could be personified…

Seriously though I appreciate how green and wholesome his life is, such a nurturing fellow.

Tea or Green juice anyone?

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