Burnt Cheese and Sugar Water

[Imagery: Oki dissolves like sugar in tea cup.

Crumbles like a cookie in cocoa.]

Eaten by his dream self. His body is like crystal sugar. It doesn’t hurt to be eaten. It’s as if he crumbles or dissolves away.

Cheese and Sugar tend have an element of round-sweet creaminess.

More texture than taste.

Translate that pleasantness to a bodily feeling.

I’d say the flavour was clean but it tends to cling doesn’t it? Asking you to build on it.

Or waiting to be washed away.

Insert holistic nature of Tea. ( I don’t drink tea without sugar.)

I’ve written somewhere before that Oki has nightmares of dying greusomely and eaten. I say greusomely because he is just meat.

-I personally don’t own a butcher’s knife, I leave limbs in tact, but disjointed. (Yes that’s what meat is, animal body parts 👀) Chopping is just too violent for me. Kitchen scissors are forbidden.-

Of all the food character profiles Oki represents Raw/fresh particularly Meat. Glenn also represents the Natural state, on the Vegetable side.


Thoughts that came to me after having a midnight snack of cheese and crackers and sugar-tea.


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