Demoliton Site

Carve with fork

Scoop with spoon

Pinch and sculpt

Push and form

-Like a palette knife. Hmm.

I’m thinking of icing and mashed potato mounds. Smooshed unto meat and smeared unto speared veggies. Blobs dropping or dripping when you’re not careful.

Finishing. The last bit of cake that’s become too sweet.

We lick the fock, but do we lick the knife?


More than a deconstructed dish I prefer a half finished plate- which is why I like neat eaters.

Ironic. I know.

Carefully taking apart and Re/constructing each bite.

Like a hurricane has a higher purpose but leaves destruction in its wake.

Dirty dishes only exist in art. In reality I’ll kill you, get that out of my face. 😂


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