Glass of Water

The weight of water doesn’t change but the longer it’s held the heavier it feels.

Hurt to the point of paralysis.

Or Petrified.

Hanging on for dear life.

My cellphone’s weathered me through the worst of the Pandemic but my hands are cramped and seizing up. And I think I just gotta let it go. O_O

The Claw. Is real.

Damn you Corona.


Lifelines and how heavy they weigh.

It comes back to me every so often: the Golden child, glass of water obstacle.

I can enthuse a journey in meal but I’ve got to apply myself for drink of water.

It’s just there. Until it isn’t. Some trace if something that sticks to the tongue and doesn’t let go. Until you do.

[Course and Quest. Quench the internal fire.]

Eternal vs Internal

If you’ve watched the Golden Child you know that fire isn’t from a human source.

Life is there until it isn’t. Live heroically.

[By the way, I finally watched Raya.

The weight of water huh?]

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