The Verge of Hunger

Desperation, gnawing

A grumble, exhalation

Common sense vacation

Wishes by the window

Churning mess

Spasming empitness



On the Verge

Of what I do not know.


Yes well, watching cookie decorating can do things to a human.

Unleash the Cookie Monster within!

Talking about transformations. The cute turning monstrous:

How Gizmo Became Furby

Cuz all I remember is that junk food feast and these crazy hungry aliens. And then things got really bad.

Gremlins and Grimm

Feasts for the soon to be Feasted Upon


The Fear and Excitement of it ^ The thin line and emotional armoring. Things get confused.

I imagine it must be like the insect drawn to the pitcher, or the fly to trap.

Urges, Willow and Jo.

I haven’t personified Urges yet. It is an Asura -like force beyond Eros, and is more dualistic than Brother Anger and I’m sure he’s very Sweet.

Where are all the wimmens?

And why am I typing in this overhead position it’s destroying my elbows 😭

<Hyde- On My Own

Surge vs Urges

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