Drowning Maggots

Forgotten ricegrains.

I don’t know how I got such viceral imagery from soaking off the stuck-on pot-bottom of my “non stick” frypan.

But here we are.

Seriously though can you Drown a maggot? They seem to drowning in their sister’s bodies already wriggling thier way to freedom. Then turning back.

Away from the light.

Hold on. There’s a story there.

Several hours later, literally, in the middle of morning I discover that mankagaka Miura Kentaro, creator of Berserk, has passed away.

There’s no way to think of wriggling things without Guts. It’s a thought I would rather not dwell on right now. And now I don’t have a choice. Why this way. 😭

I just feel so damn tired.

How did this happen. First I was praising author on Twitter and then I was reading a long rant about the horrible working conditions of modern artists.

Someone had died. Lo and Behold.

The knowledge sits there. I’ve got to examine these Pairs. The characters, themes, coincidences… Grappling or circling one other. Light and dark.

And Same.


A prior contemplation.

Demons and the Hero- Berserk

Washington Post

Remembering the Legacy

Recent Read

The Wish I Have For Every Artist


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