Don’t ask for more, And you’ll be Given.

Don’t ask for more, give twice what you have, (and you’ll be Given)

The small token if his love was a shrivleled thing.

The rose became a twisted piece of vine.

All that was left was a sickly baby horse which she gave everything and it grew up to be a golden horse. And the horse became an enchanted prince.

(Male narrator ) There was a land that lived under a curse. To give be grateful and do not ask for more than was given.

They were a strong happy people who endured the ubkitnd rukership of many a King and false friend.

Yet the more the people seemed to lose, they got twice what they lost in return.

Beauty and the Beast + The Story of Job. The words of the crest – a game. Of thrones feature.

The people wore black, worn but fine clothes.

Men were parading by on white horses, the victors. In a weird ritual the women were to see them off, even as they take all their valuables with them.

A lot of older women. Where are all the men? Maybe cursed into Objects or stolen who knows.

This scene reminds me of an old war movie set in veitnam maybe. The soldiers would rob the women who were forced to prostitute themselves. And they left them with their white babies. It was sad. Empty hands which could only be filled with sorrow.


[May 4. 2021]

Tuesday. Back to Sara… New fairytale. Pink Samsung stylus not working. Studying rotting strawberries. The color leeches out, from red to yellow, sticky brown, a fuzzy white-grey, and under that black.

Ateez- Take Me Home saxophone part.

<Re: Blessings from Curses.

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