Ships Are Coming In.

Orca pulling ship undersea portal.

Conserving oracs and the sea-rat which always look out for his friend.

There’s an orca trapped between the ships and little boy spies this from land.

Looses a harpoon lead, saves orca. Orca helpa ships to shore

Blue whale vs orca.

“In the land. Where I come. From. This ia the fashion. All boys dress like this.’

Howl on beach bringing in the ships.

Not Howl obviously. Could be part of that world..

Ariel says bet u on land they’ll understand… Ready to stand

What is a fire and why does it…. What’s the word burn,

When’s it my turn…. Shore up above.

Wandering free…. Part of that world.

Ariel is not part of this story, either- dont know if mermaids exist,but the, song does as it drives the story.

The ships come in bringing in parents who were separated from their children

Re, the bookclub

Is this the land of the Unfortunate People? Did the explorers come from another world or is this some new form of world travel? The portal destinations having been covered under water due to time (global warming)

Episode 6 of the Nevers last night

Discussing true pairs in Shadow and Bone, Mal with sister

<Re: Hope as an anchor

The world used to be covered by and ocean in the atmosphere, it broke when there was the first rain.

Maybe, like Patema one world is visible in the sky of the other separated by ocean. Unbeknownst to others who can only see an unfathomable depth.

Call of gulls, camera pans. Don’t forget Treasure Planet. The port world Design was amazing. There are plenty of Disney influences if I think about it. Pocahontas being foremost, ships came to a New World. (don’t think of true history vs the animation, that’s not the point 0_O)

The art style of the dream is very flat/ cell shadey like loika illumii or redum. Lots of sharp whispy lines and detail.

Basically a retelling of the story Free Willy. The whales are a big part of the story. Did not

[interrupted. Damn it.]

Wed, May 5 2021, it’s 8:08am now, woke up around 7:40, I know this because I have a 7:40 alarm and I beat it.

I’ll try to remember to note the time on the next dream Journal.

Ac joint killing me. Pull on left bicep. Feels like pulling ropes on sails.

The physical pull, the coolness of white sheets like sails, drifting to peaceful sleep with a hug.

That all made this dream possible I think.

Was drawing strawberry mermaids before that too. There wasn’t any red in this dream tho. Mostly white, blue and yellow and grey.

Captured the rushing feeling.

[May 5, 2021]

Beautiful rediscovery

Hiroyuki Sawano- Open Your Gates

The magic bubbles> Ariel and how she survives growing legs> wind Grisha, Shadow and Bone> wind and water > push to surface > whale friends come along.

[May 6, 2021]

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