Dry Scales

Scratchy Protest Unevenly weighs The matter at hand Trickling through fingers Like fine sand To the the foot of all shores Weighed down By waves of whatever Reasons that refuse to leave. Buried or Built upon? Tread. -Neru The feeling of drowing where you’re standing. Tread water, trample and crush under feet, that aren’t moving … More Dry Scales

Sky and Skin

Dancing in the rain. Blazing Glory and Reaching for raindrops. It used to be a romantic notion. Dancing undersky. Floating abovecloud. Sky on Skin. And Didn’t Everything Start In The Rain? Going Over. My words in my head. Been filled with someone else’s. Falling out of me like some refuse. An impotent bean portent with … More Sky and Skin

Waiting In Place

Ode to Nausea Eyesclose. Fly open. Grabs at thought. Misses. If lay still I won’t lurch. Just flutter and clutch -bobbing apples. Truth of the matter. Fall to knees. Gasping drooling. Something clawing. It’s way outta you. Through your chest. Scream it out. The horror and disgust. That formless thing. Was it bothering you? -Neru … More Waiting In Place

Wrinkles From Time

Take your wounds and turn them into new light. Blossom. Warmth unfurls. Curling against cold. Steeped in bubbling Waters. Calmed into bitter sweetness. Palm I lean on into. Steals away my Will. Crushing without motion. Leaving. Wrinkles instead of palm prints. -Neru Gree as Wither, Blaire with Wings. Unlikely friends. Wounded bird, broken heart. Willow … More Wrinkles From Time

If My Life

If my Life vs Of my Life Typos, tangents, insight and A-Ha’s. It’s been over two weeks since those words sprung to mind. I knew it was significant but I have no idea where I was going with that. An awkward incomplete feeling. I’ve been waiting for that A-ha to come back around but all … More If My Life

Thin. Onion Skin

Peeling Flake. Battered scab. Oozing irritation. Sweetening the meat. Breaking apart in circles. Cut into curves. That come back around. -Neru Been a while since we talked about Layers. Colours. And everlasting loves. When I wrote those words I was waiting on a face to pop around the corner and smile at me. Alas I … More Thin. Onion Skin